Where is my husband? He’s a spy.

Front of Belere Hotel in Morocco

Belere Hotel, Morocco. I was in the hotel foyer with fellow travellers when this scene played out . . . Published in the Sunday Times – 20 August 2017.

Wanna travel? Save for the tips!

Image of a glass jar used for tips, showing money already put inside.

I have travelled, I know, this is it. The employer’s greed turns every trip into a misery. Published in The Witness – 18 November 2014.

Searching for the Chief

Wax figure of Chief Albert Luthuli at Luthuli Museum, Groutville, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

One of my memorable experiences during my travels, was when I was impressed by the five and six-year-olds of Groutville, KwaZulu-Natal. Published in the City Press – 16 November 2014.

Business at the taxi rank

Image of a minibus, to give a look alike of at kombi at Baixa Rank, Maputo, Mozambique.

At Baixa, in Maputo, Mozambique . . . hawkers do their best with a captive audience. Published in the Sunday Times – 20 April 2014.